Abortion and Other Reasons That “Saving the Children” Isn’t A Religious Issue

“God save the children,” she said,”What would your lord a savior say?”

I was standing at a cross walk, downtown Columbus in the middle of November. A woman was standing on the edge of the walkway, right in my line of sight, screaming about saving the unborn children. “What would God do?” She said,”Save the children?”

I didn’t say anything to this woman- mostly, because I wasn’t in the mood to be told that I was a sinner who wants to “kill children.” I hadn’t had enough coffee yet to defend my position.

For most people, abortion is a heated moral issue. On it’s surface, when it’s explained in simple terms, most people would automatically side “pro-life”. It’s an easy moral question for anyone who considers themselves a “moral” person. Killing people is bad- we’re taught that when we’re young. The problem with abortion is that it’s not that simple. The question at the base has nothing to do with being good or moral and “thou shall not kill” and has everything to do with what happens to a person after birth. Yes- “save the children”. The problem with that logic is that by saving the “unborn” you’re not actually saving anyone. You’re really just making it worse.

Let’s be honest- the only people who have time to be angry about unborn babies are the people that can afford to have the time. The educated- who hold themselves above everyone else on the grounds that they are somehow more moral than the rest. “Save the Children,” they say,”because I can afford to be concerned.”

“Adoption is always an option.” But who ever actually adopts?

The truth is, that if you are going to force a woman to carry a child for 9 months,  then refuse to fund low end education in poverty stricken areas and continuously miseducate young men about consent and refuse to provide education to women- then abortion isn’t a religious issue. If you’re not feeding the poor, and you continue to make more poor people by forcing women to bear them, then you don’t get to complain about their morality in your big white picket fence house. Yes- please- upper middle class white America- tell everyone else about morality. Please inform me about how Christians are just so against killing innocent life, because I hate to break it to you, but Christians are some of the worst offenders of killing “the living.” You’ve perpetrated slavery, committed genocide against native peoples, and continue to claim that “all lives matter” while sweeping the systemic racism of minorities under the rug.

So please, tell me again about how Jesus is going to save your soul?


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