Documenting College Violence: The First Week

I am a first year college student at Capital University. For a small, private school in Columbus, Ohio, Capital is a liberal, open-minded university. Yes- we are a Lutheran institution, but we are an open minded one. Religious freedom is an important part of campus life. That’s made the newest wave of violence more concerning. If it could happen here: then it could happen anywhere.

Day 2:

Trump hasn’t been been inaugurated yet and I’m already seeing violence in my everyday life. A kid had a note slipped under his door reading “Trump is going to get you faggot.” (

At Pride, policeman sat in the back of the room, while they told us to look out for each other. “Be Careful, they said.” Someone said,”I love you so much, please be careful.”

Day 3:

I wrote the words “He grabbed us by the pussy” on my whiteboard last night. I had the whiteboard ripped off my door, and I replaced it with another that read “Try again.”

A found out a girl on campus was violently assaulted, and then had then boys tell her that “Trump said it was okay.” A boy came up to my dinner table and showed us pictures before telling my friends and I to “be safe.” People don’t let each other walk across campus alone now. It’s considered a gusty move to be alone at all. Especially as a woman, and a lesbian, it’s more dangerous to be out now. I have to watch myself. I can’t imagine being on a big campus.


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